Welcome to the universe of an Orodorus!

Take a glance at the life and the thoughts of an art-history nerd, an excited travel-addict, an oldschool bookworm, a cliché gym enthusiast and a non-stop eater. Click on “daily thoughts” button and be a part of this dorobos’ thoughts, songs, daily ideas, photos, trips, struggles, achievements. Oh, I see that you’re asking “Why would I” Well, I am inviting you to answer that question day by day. So, what are we waiting, let’s go.


When I was 18, I started to travel with a backpack around Europe. And being alone was the fact that changed my life upside down. I experienced that the best memories are made in the cheapest hostels, getting lost while you’re walking is the best way to explore a city, and the most delicious food will be the one that you buy from supermarket and eat while you’re sitting on the most crowded square of the city.

I was lucky as well as I was alone. I have met with so many amazing people which I am still so grateful that I have them in my life. If you are ready, I’d like you to be a part of these travels.


Geçenlerde bir salı veya çarşamba akşamıydı sanırım. Akşamın kendisi bize bir rakı sofrası kurdurtmuştu. 16. yaşımın geçtiği terasta tekrar duruyordum ve yıllar öncesi sanki dün yaşanmış gibi anılarımda canlanıyordu. O gece üç kişiydik ve sabahın 4’üne kadar önümüzde ucu bucağı belli olan denizin ve yerini yeni güne bırakmakta olan ayın şahitliğinde biz de kendimizi alkolün …


This Oroborus has been eating itself since the day it knows itself. The change was progressively coming however one day it woke up and a myth was finally destroyed. It let itself out from where it was hidden, it started to taste how it is like to be alive, fearless, and curious.


When you were born and grew up in a 20 million people city, you gradually forget how to listen people. Or what people listens. I was also a dreamer girl who thought that she’d be a singer. At a very late age, I started to play piano and competed with other people to able to get in to that music school. I wish I’d know that competition would take something I loved and convert into something totally opposite. But now I realize maybe we were just not meant to be, I wasn’t the “biggest” talent or whatsoever, apparently.

However, while it was taking something from me, it also gave me something. Listening to other people, but more importantly, how to listen other people. In a course of time, I’ve learnt how to hear. Besides, I’ve always remembered places and people with certain musics, whenever I played that song -or mistakenly it comes up on the playlist- my brain immediately starts to think about it/them. Has it same happened to you? Send me your musics lovely people, let me know “your story”. There are so many ways to communicate and share something and music is one of the most incredible one don’t you think.